What are the Benefits of Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic SEO has been around for years and it has several benefits. It has some advantages over regular SEO as well.

In this post, I have tried to explain all the benefits that the technique offers (and some disadvantages as well) in detail.

Let’s take a look…

Benefits of programmatic SEO

While the term programmatic SEO might be new for you, it’s been around for a while. The “big companies” have been using the programmatic SEO process to generate millions of monthly organic traffic.

But why didn’t individual SEOs and smaller companies use it? I can think of a few reasons for that…

  • They didn’t experiment enough about what works and what doesn’t with Google
  • Because creating 1000s of pages has a risk of getting penalized involved with it
  • Because it’s a very technical process and requires lots of effort, and
  • They didn’t have any idea if this could be possible (most probably)

But that’s not the case anymore, more and more SEOs are experimenting with it. The results are not always guaranteed to be good but it’s worth the try.

Programmatic SEO has lots of benefits, let’s take a look at them…

1. Easily scalable

If the design of the pages are to be the same and just the content differs, there is no point in adding content to all the pages one by one. It’s just time-consuming.

Instead, programmatic SEO lets you quickly create 100s and even 1000s of SEO-friendly pages just from the data in a spreadsheet.

It doesn’t waste your resources in “creating” the page, you just have to put all your efforts into collecting the data and all the pages become ready, ASAP.

Zapier Number of Pages Indexed in Google

For instance, Zapier’s apps section (zapier.com/apps) has more than 250k pages indexed in Google. And if we ignore the data collection part, it would not have taken them more than a few hours to create all those pages.

Just a simple computer program and boom!

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2. Better user experience

With programmatic SEO, you target long-tail and highly transactional keywords. Generally, the pages have a very clear CTA (call to action).

And in this case, the conversion rate is way better than landing someone on a page where they have to click once or twice to get to the “actual” page where they can get started.

Canva Instagram Post Templates
Canva templates page example

Taking an example of Canva, I googled “Instagram post design” and the first result comes from Canva. Clicking on the link takes me to a page where I can just select a template that I like and get started with editing.

Canva has created all these highly targeted pages that let me land on the page directly. Otherwise, I would have landed on a graphics design page and clicked once or twice or more to get to the page where I could “actually” get started.

User Journey with and without Programmatic SEO Generated Pages

The above image shows the differences between the journey with and without the pages generated via the process of programmatic SEO, for the Canva example.

3. Better search visibility

This is simple — the more SEO-friendly pages your website has, the higher will be the chances of appearing in the SERP for the associated keywords.

The programmatic SEO process lets you create SEO-optimized pages that target keywords that help users with very specific tasks. It makes users’ lives easier.

And remember, if a page is loved by the users, it will be loved by the search engines.

Even though these targeted long-tail keywords have very low monthly searches, they are comparatively easier to rank and bring users who are ready to make a transaction.

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4. Requires less effort

Let’s think about this logically!

Even if all the information for creating pages is collected and kept organized, it will take a person 1 or 2 days to create 50 pages. Even though it’s just copy-pasting.

But if all the data is ready, you can create 1000s of pages in just an hour or even lesser time with the help of pSEO.

It saves you time and effort.

5. Collects more leads

Programmatically generated pages collect more leads for the following two reasons:

  • Because more pages are appearing in the SERP, more people come to the website, and
  • Because the pages target highly transactional keywords, the prospects are more likely to provide their email address

That ultimately brings you more leads than expected.

And if we broaden our perspective further, that ultimately brings you more customers.

Final words

There are tons of challenges with programmatic SEO, it’s really a very clever strategy if you get it all right.

And it’s not rocket science, either.

I have written a complete guide to implementing programmatic SEO on your website and generating millions of organic traffic every single month.

If you have any related queries, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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