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About robots.txt Generator Tool

A properly configured robots.txt file is essential for optimizing your website’s SEO and ensuring it ranks well on search engine result pages. By using this robots.txt Generator Tool, you can effortlessly create a well-structured robots.txt file that precisely defines the access rights for search engine bots, while preventing them from accessing restricted or sensitive pages on your website.

The tool supports defining sitemap locations and disallowing specific paths, further customizing the crawling process.

How to use the robots.txt file maker

The easy-to-use interface of the tool makes it straightforward to generate a custom robots.txt file. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your sitemap URL(s) in the provided input field. If you have multiple sitemaps, separate them with commas.
  2. Choose from the available checkboxes to determine the user-agent settings: ‘Default for WordPress‘, which will apply the usual WordPress settings for search engine bots, or ‘Default for Others‘ for custom settings.
  3. If you have, specify the disallowed paths by listing them comma-separated in the designated input field. These paths will be off-limits to search engine bots.
  4. The generated robots.txt file will be shown in the text area above. You can copy the content using the ‘Copy the output text‘ button, or download the file directly by clicking ‘Download robots.txt file‘.

And not to mention, this tool is completely free to use. And if you’re interested, we have tons of other SEO tools as well that you can explore.

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