Programmatic SEO Consultation

We’ve been successfully developing programmatic SEO projects for years. If you need guidance on understanding and implementing pSEO for your business, we’re here to help.



Breathes SEO and loves to write! Crazy about programmatic SEO and product-led content marketing!!

Your Expectations

I’m Deepak and we (with my friend Bikash) have built at least a dozen successful programmatic websites over the last few years.

During the consultation calls, I can help you:

  • understand the basics of programmatic SEO
  • if it’s suitable for your business
  • how you should approach it
  • the best tech stack for your website

or, pretty much any other related questions/doubts that you have.

Value Exceeds Price

We know what we do, and it’s a guarantee that the value you get will exceed the price you pay.



30-min Call

A quick discussion about implementing pSEO for your business.



60-min Call

A detailed discussion about implementing pSEO for your business.

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Got a question? We’ve got you covered!

How do the calls get scheduled?

Normally, directly through email. When you purchase a consultation package, I send you my availability for a week, and you can choose the time and date that’s best suited for you.

Can I record the call?

Yes, you paid for it, so you’re absolutely free to record the call (but you cannot share the recordings with others).

What platform is used for calls?

Generally, Google Meet is used but on your request, I can use Zoom or any other video conferencing platforms as well.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, but only if we never get to do the call for any reason. You can request a refund by sending me a simple email.