SnapCloud – Bulk URL Screenshots in Minutes

SnapCloud is a Node.js tool that helps you capture screenshots of 1000s of URLs, hosts them on Cloudinary, and returns a CSV containing screenshot URLs.

Bulk URLs to Screenshots


SnapCloud is a Node.js CLI tool with the following interesting features.

Bulk URL Processing

Capture thousands of URLs in one go. Simply list them in a CSV file and let SnapCloud do the rest.

Cloud Integration

Automatically upload your screenshots to Cloudinary for easy access, sharing, and management.

Customizable Settings

Tailor your screenshot dimensions, batch sizes, and delay settings to fit your specific needs.

Efficient and Reliable

Enjoy fast, consistent performance with built-in error handling and retry mechanisms.

User-Friendly Output

Get a handy CSV file with original and Cloudinary URLs for easy tracking and referencing.

No Recurring Costs

Runs locally on your computer and requires no recurring usage cost whatsoever.

SnapCloud - Code Preview

How It Works

While you will receive detailed usage instructions upon purchasing, below is an overview of how the tool exactly works.


Prepare Your CSV

Start with your list of URLs in the first column of a CSV file.


Run SnapCloud

Execute the tool with the simple node app.js terminal command.


Collect Your Screenshots

Access your screenshots stored securely on Cloudinary.


Access Your Results

Get the final result of screenshot URLs as an organized CSV file.

SnapCloud Terminal

One-time Investment

No subscriptions, no hidden fees – just unlimited access to efficient bulk URL screenshots capturing.



Take screenshots of multiple URLs without any limits.

Unlimited URLs processing

Handles multiple URLs at once

🎉 You get detailed usage instructions after accessing the script, and not just in text, but also in video format.


Got a question? We’ve got you covered!

1. What is SnapCloud?

To run this app, you require Node.js installation on your computer (is free), a free Cloudinary account, and a working internet connection. Here’s a video of 50+ URLs screenshots being taken by using the tool.

2. Who can benefit from using SnapCloud?

SnapCloud is perfect for SEOs, web developers, digital marketers, content managers, and researchers. It’s also a great asset for anyone needing bulk web page visual documentation, whether for professional or personal use.

3. Do I need coding knowledge to use SnapCloud?

No extensive coding knowledge is required. If you’re familiar with basic Node.js commands, that’s enough. The tool comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it accessible even if you’re not a programmer.

4. Is SnapCloud a subscription-based service?

SnapCloud is offered as a one-time purchase. This means no recurring fees, just unlimited access to all its features and free future updates.

5. Can the screenshot settings be customized?

Yes, SnapCloud allows you to customize key settings like screenshot dimensions, capture delay, and batch processing size, tailoring the tool to meet your specific needs.

6. What happens if a URL fails to capture?

SnapCloud is built with robust error handling and retry mechanisms. If a screenshot capture fails, the tool will automatically retry, ensuring reliability and consistency in your results.

7. How are the screenshots accessed after capturing?

After capture, your screenshots are uploaded to your Cloudinary account. They’re easily accessible and manageable through links provided in a CSV file, streamlining the organization and sharing of your screenshots.

8. Can I run it on any operating system?

Absolutely. SnapCloud is compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as long as Node.js is installed, offering great flexibility for different users.

9. How many images can Cloudinary free account handle?

You get 25 GB of storage with the free Cloudinary account, and even if your screenshots are of 1 MB (which is unlikely), you should be able to store over 25,000 images.

10. Can SnapCloud take full-page screenshots?

No, the tool doesn’t take full-page screenshots. You will have to specify the width and height of the screenshot, and it captures that area only.

11. Do I get support for SnapCloud?

No, we don’t offer support for this. However, you have the option of taking help of ChatGPT by copy-pasting your errors. But if you’re experiencing any specific issue, please reach out to us at hey[at]