pSEO Keyword Ideas Database

A database of 10,000+ keyword ideas for programmatic SEO from 1,000+ different niches that you can use to shape your pSEO strategy.

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pSEO Keywords Ideas Database

What can I do with the database?

You can filter out the database as per your industry and/or niche, discover pSEO-friendly keyword ideas, and start using them in your projects.

How to use the database

Using the programmatic SEO keyword ideas database is straightforward, you can either use filter or search functionalities to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Open the Google Sheets containing the database
  2. Add a filter in the “Main Industry” or “Niche” column, and
  3. Scroll through the “Topics” column to find suitable topic

Instead of adding a filter, you can also press ctrl + F on Windows or cmd + F on Mac to search the term directly in the database.

You can take a look at 1,000+ niches covered in the database, in this Google Sheets file.

Included data points

The pSEO keywords database has the following data points (columns):

  1. Topics
  2. Main industries
  3. Niches
  4. Examples
  5. Use cases
  6. Searcher’s persona
  7. Datasets ideas
  8. Content lifecycle stage
  1. Search intent
  2. Suggested image types
  3. Interactive elements
  4. Update frequency
  5. Related queries
  6. Alternate page titles
  7. Rough outline
  8. FAQs

pSEO Keyword Ideas Database

  • 10,000+ pSEO keyword ideas
  • 1,000+ niches from 30+ industries
  • 15+ data points for each topic
  • Available as Google Sheets & MS Excel
  • Duplicatable to your account/computer

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1. In which format is the database available?

The database is available as a Google Sheets document format, and also as a Microsoft Excel format. You will get both these files upon purchasing.

2. Can I duplicate the file to my account?

Yes, you’re free to duplicate the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel file to your account/computer.

3. How many niches are covered in the database?

The database has more than 1,000 niches from 33 different industries. In fact, you can have a look at all those 1,000+ niches in this Google Sheets file.

4. Can I get a refund for the database?

No, due to its digital nature, you will not get any refunds after purchasing the product.

Still have questions?

You are welcome to reach out to us at [email protected]