55+ Long Tail SEO Keywords for Used & Second Hand Cars

Starting a used and second hand cars related website?

We have collected a list of long-tail keywords that you can target to bring highly targeted potential customers to your website. Just like the car dealership keywords, these are well-researched keywords that you can use to develop your entire organic search marketing strategy.

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Long tail keywords for used and second hand cars

Used & Second Hand Cars KeywordsKeyword DifficultyGlobal Volume
used cars near me87542K
used cars for sale85631K
used cars for sale near me89174K
carfax used cars5876K
cheap used cars near me6029K
buy used cars9639K
used cars for sale by owner5823K
cheap used cars3326K
best used cars to buy4624K
carvana used cars6420K
kelley blue book used cars7518K
used cars under 50005618K
edmunds used cars6718K
used cars for sale by owner near me7317K
autotrader used cars8529K
used cars under 100003718K
kbb used cars7615K
carmax used cars5716K
auto trader used cars7319K
used electric cars4022K
shift used cars1213K
cargurus used cars4315K
cars guru used cars2911K
cargurus used cars near me6312K
used cars for sale houston3710K
best used cars5813K
used cars las vegas269.4K
carguru used cars638.8K
enterprise used cars248.6K
used electric cars for sale3712K
craigslist used cars28.7K
used cars san antonio308.2K
toyota used cars3628K
used cars for sale in ct217.8K
craigslist used cars for sale77.6K
cheap used cars for sale609.6K
why are used cars so expensive428.0K
affordable used cars227.8K
private used cars for sale by owner627.6K
most reliable used cars209.4K
rainey used cars06.9K
used hybrid cars1711K
best place to buy used cars878.3K
used cars under $3 000 near me536.6K
used cars movie317.8K
used cars columbus ohio336.4K
used cars near me under $5 000596.4K
drivetime used cars355.9K
used cars san diego246.6K
second hand cars89186K
second hand cars for sale9126K
second hand cars near me8612K
second hand cars dealers near me86600
second hand cars for sale by owner69500
dealership second hand cars89800
second hand dealership cars89400
second hand cars for sale near me894.4K
second hand cars prices68700
price second hand cars853.1K
cheap second hand cars716.9K

That’s it.

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