45+ Low Competition Sweatshirts Keywords for SEO

A list of low-competition sweatshirts keywords that you can use to grow your sweatshirts-related website. We have spent hours finding these keywords so that you can focus only on what matters the most.

We have only selected the keywords which have lesser than 30 keyword difficulty scores. These are comparatively easier to rank for in Google.

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Long tail keywords for sweatshirts (KD < 30)

Sweatshirts KeywordsKeyword DensityGlobal Volume
nike sweatshirts867K
cute sweatshirts2020K
vintage sweatshirts236K
gildan sweatshirts1318K
graphic sweatshirts618K
oversized sweatshirts1119K
cool sweatshirts2415K
hooded sweatshirts3014K
girls sweatshirts1713K
collegiate sweatshirts2211K
mens crewneck sweatshirts910K
disney sweatshirts19.8K
embroidered sweatshirts810K
halloween sweatshirts07.6K
carhartt sweatshirts217.8K
college sweatshirts227.5K
nike sweatshirts women139.6K
hanes sweatshirts47.0K
nike sweatshirts men269.2K
champion sweatshirts810K
cheap sweatshirts286.5K
vintage collegiate sweatshirts64.8K
shein sweatshirts05.1K
preppy sweatshirts04.3K
christmas sweatshirts15.9K
womens nike sweatshirts135.5K
oversized sweatshirts for women114.7K
dog sweatshirts44.9K
crewneck sweatshirts188.1K
playboy sweatshirts74.6K
walmart sweatshirts23.8K
old navy sweatshirts144.1K
american eagle sweatshirts104.1K
designer sweatshirts79.7K
plain sweatshirts66.5K
funny sweatshirts73.6K
target sweatshirts123.1K
vintage college sweatshirts13.6K
cute crewneck sweatshirts42.6K
pacsun sweatshirts62.6K
plus size sweatshirts233.9K
vintage disney sweatshirts02.8K
aesthetic sweatshirts16.1K
boys sweatshirts95.2K
tunic sweatshirts02.8K
christian sweatshirts32.7K
vintage sweatshirts men133.8K
anime sweatshirts134.2K
fall sweatshirts02.0K
crew neck sweatshirts156.0K

That’s it.

Happy SEOing!