100+ Low Competition Real Estate Keywords for SEO

A list of low-competition real estate keywords that you can use to grow your real estate website. We have spent hours finding these keywords so that you can focus only on what matters the most.

We have only selected the keywords which have lesser than 50 keyword difficulty. These are comparatively easier to rank for in Google.

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Long tail keywords for real estate (KD < 50)

Real Estate KeywordsKeyword DifficultyGlobal Volume
wake county real estate3451K
allegheny county real estate2748K
real estate attorney3745K
champions school of real estate2242K
real estate express4934K
digital real estate4931K
real estate agent salary4340K
real estate lawyer4140K
real estate attorney near me5026K
how much do real estate agents make4128K
real estate lawyer near me5022K
howard hanna real estate2817K
real estate license texas4218K
costa rica real estate5030K
real estate license florida5017K
allied real estate schools3615K
is real estate investment trusts a good career path718K
married to real estate1215K
wholesale real estate2519K
best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts317K
reddit real estate2114K
mark spain real estate713K
what does contingent mean in real estate4413K
windermere real estate4719K
texas real estate commission3213K
montana real estate4613K
georgia real estate commission3611K
real estate developer3030K
allegheny county real estate portal5011K
real estate jobs3820K
united country real estate4810K
real estate social network1425K
real estate one3411K
sunny day real estate3014K
black lives matter real estate fund449.5K
how much does a real estate agent make4113K
naples florida real estate4811K
puerto rico real estate3811K
top real estate companies4211K
virtual real estate4312K
nc real estate commission228.9K
what does pending mean in real estate219.1K
wholesaling real estate2613K
movoto real estate158.6K
arizona department of real estate338.4K
real estate broker salary4210K
how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts611K
sarasota florida real estate468.5K
vermont real estate438.6K
real estate porn515K
atlas real estate268.6K
kaplan real estate477.7K
its free real estate2014K
superior school of real estate347.3K
how long does it take to get real estate license287.7K
real estate license new jersey407.0K
alaska real estate498.1K
real estate jobs near me278.2K
texas real estate license427.7K
open door real estate387.4K
real estate quotes5022K
contingent in real estate457.1K
allied real estate school316.8K
real estate law3512K
wyoming real estate467.1K
myrtle beach real estate447.0K
free real estate1215K
iron valley real estate86.3K
real estate wholesaling3210K
new hampshire real estate506.7K
what is a real estate broker308.2K
what is digital real estate406.8K
william raveis real estate186.4K
pangea real estate126.1K
california real estate license437.0K
north carolina real estate447.1K
mecklenburg county real estate lookup316.0K
belize real estate3810K
real estate license new york486.3K
hunt real estate357.0K
colorado real estate507.1K
it’s free real estate2010K
real estate license nc215.9K
nh real estate505.8K
north carolina real estate commission405.8K
cape cod real estate246.1K
santa fe real estate465.9K
st louis county real estate435.6K
south carolina real estate426.7K
cma real estate437.2K
real estate photographer429.8K
champions real estate495.8K
free real estate sims 41316K
real estate lawyers near me496.4K
asheville nc real estate465.8K
fort myers real estate506.4K
hilton head real estate425.6K
wakegov real estate365.3K
real estate etf498.1K
sims 4 free real estate cheat177.1K
real estate memes268.2K
california department of real estate255.4K
united real estate235.5K
san miguel de allende real estate236.7K
top real estate apps475.3K
real estate logo4435K
real estate stocks3710K
kiawah island real estate255.5K
laurel mississippi real estate305.8K
vero beach real estate205.2K

That’s it.

Happy SEOing!