130+ Low Competition Photography Keywords for SEO

A list of low-competition photography keywords that you can use to grow your photography website. We have spent hours finding these keywords so that you can focus only on what matters the most.

We have only selected the keywords which have lesser than 30 keyword difficulty scores. These are comparatively easier to rank for in Google.

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Long tail keywords for photography (KD < 30)

Photography KeywordsKeyword DifficultyGlobal Volume
boudoir photography20127K
newborn photography2160K
newborn photography near me1518K
boudoir photography near me914K
headshot photography2413K
erotic photography1723K
studio photography2454K
photography jobs2816K
international center of photography136.9K
jcpenney photography126.5K
fashion photography2532K
kirlian photography2615K
photography jobs near me167.4K
pet photography2610K
shoob photography05.1K
leonards photography125.1K
bella baby photography224.5K
lors photography104.3K
hunting photography04.9K
curvy boudoir photography ideas65.4K
baby photography2613K
flash photography218.9K
tss photography94.2K
body photography611K
car photography914K
family photography1412K
editorial photography2111K
leading lines photography2413K
commercial photography1612K
smoke bombs for photography255.4K
flower photography1821K
sports photography2411K
playboy magazine photography111K
crime scene photography128.0K
lifestyle photography189.0K
diy boudoir photography ideas54.5K
aura photography near me194.1K
photography services1815K
sidewinder photography03.4K
boudoir photography ideas88.6K
maternity photography158.8K
vintage photography1211K
framing photography2412K
sweet me photography03.1K
eye photography1811K
horse photography88.8K
real estate photography jobs93.6K
what is boudoir photography154.2K
david hamilton photography95.3K
beach photography1311K
double exposure photography149.1K
edgy boudoir photography04.6K
milk bath photography145.8K
fundus photography265.4K
photography business cards105.8K
body full body photography25.3K
glamour photography910K
maternity photography near me33.3K
headshot photography near me213.4K
infrared photography309.1K
island photography183.0K
night photography2216K
museum of contemporary photography152.9K
dean stewart photography22.6K
forced perspective photography266.4K
rose photography227.7K
adobe photography plan196.7K
self portrait photography3010K
olan mills photography02.8K
animal photography309.9K
photography poses3012K
best canon camera for photography214.1K
model photography1115K
photography hashtags1225K
family photography near me193.4K
nude photography17298K
sexual photography74.2K
dark room photography307.7K
surrealism photography89.3K
photography logos2812K
photography props96.7K
newborn photography props144.9K
splash studio media real estate photography02.3K
drone photography near me23.1K
film photography project53.2K
bpi photography72.2K
event photography198.3K
solid real estate photography texas02.1K
documentary photography2210K
silhouette photography2213K
children’s photography264.6K
ocean photography75.1K
nft photography185.3K
st johns photography52.1K
moon photography3010K
color photography306.3K
photography studio rental213.7K
best camera for professional photography296.5K
dance photography126.2K
close up photography158.7K
photography synonyms27.6K
flat lay photography189.1K
toy photography266.0K
conceptual photography2310K
o connor photography131.9K
bill miller photography71.8K
aesthetic photography1312K
downtown photography51.9K
black photography1915K
sunflower photography94.3K
smoke bomb photography125.4K
swi photography121.7K
perspective photography227.3K
pet photography near me202.5K
sunset photography1110K
photography schools near me132.1K
julia fox photography202.2K
loveless photography21.7K
fall photography192.7K
holly parker photography01.6K
dsp photography153.9K
real estate photography near me292.0K
jewelry photography307.2K
shadow photography159.2K
photography day2211K
cat photography257.3K
negative space photography247.7K
nude art photography76.9K
grads photography41.6K
texture photography176.9K
george street photography171.6K
urban photography129.3K

That’s it.

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