50+ Low Competition Jeans Keywords for SEO

A list of low-competition jeans keywords that you can use to grow your jeans-related website. We have spent hours finding these keywords so that you can focus only on what matters the most.

We have only selected the keywords which have lesser than 30 keyword difficulty scores. These are comparatively easier to rank for in Google.

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Long tail keywords for jeans (KD < 30)

Jeans KeywordsKeyword DifficultyGlobal Volume
amiri jeans3212K
jnco jeans16156K
apple bottom jeans16225K
purple jeans4121K
bell bottom jeans16204K
wrangler jeans30179K
flare jeans22165K
black jeans12209K
ripped jeans14222K
good american jeans2496K
low rise jeans9165K
boyfriend jeans15308K
baggy jeans26397K
ksubi jeans2679K
bootcut jeans20173K
rock revival jeans572K
miss me jeans2071K
hollister jeans373K
judy blue jeans2859K
purple brand jeans460K
true religion jeans1393K
kancan jeans1456K
white jeans10106K
buckle jeans2447K
skinny jeans15228K
lee jeans27114K
ariat jeans346K
zara jeans22118K
stacked jeans048K
straight leg jeans18105K
black ripped jeans359K
mother jeans1643K
apple bottom jeans lyrics256K
maternity jeans1562K
old navy jeans1437K
lucky jeans2736K
agolde jeans1245K
gloria vanderbilt jeans1132K
girbaud jeans131K
cinch jeans1231K
democracy jeans528K
paige jeans434K
chrome hearts jeans258K
black jeans men2170K
ag jeans2433K
abercrombie jeans2528K
boot cut jeans2046K
mugsy jeans524K
mnml jeans831K
silver jeans1733K

That’s it.

Happy SEOing!