95+ Low Competition Car Wash Keywords for SEO

Car Wash happens to be a massive niche with millions of organic traffic potential.

Want to tap into the niche?

We have put together a list of low-competition car wash keywords that you can use to develop your content strategy for organic search. These keywords are comparatively easier to rank, with tons of traffic potential.

By using these keywords, you can either generate leads for your car wash service or sell car wash related products.

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Long tail keywords for car wash (KD < 30)

Car Wash KeywordsKeyword DifficultyGlobal Volume
mister car wash30398K
self service car wash26284K
quick quack car wash19214K
self car wash near me14165K
hand car wash near me27152K
brown bear car wash1101K
touchless car wash near me15105K
zips car wash885K
touchless car wash13105K
self car wash896K
drive through car wash1584K
self serve car wash2867K
crew car wash1249K
el car wash344K
self serve car wash near me1846K
automatic car wash near me2955K
drive thru car wash1241K
car wash usa express135K
moo moo car wash236K
autobell car wash935K
hand car wash2464K
super star car wash express1033K
mister car wash near me2833K
tommy’s express car wash1931K
clean freak car wash831K
car wash cerca de mí2635K
soapy joe’s car wash428K
sparkling image car wash028K
club car wash628K
mr car wash2629K
go car wash826K
classic car wash2429K
automatic car wash2541K
car wash for sale1231K
self wash car wash1525K
hand wash car wash2424K
tidal wave car wash1022K
scrub a dub car wash1222K
cobblestone car wash122K
hoffman car wash122K
bluewave express car wash621K
whitewater express car wash721K
delta sonic car wash521K
royal car wash1622K
goo goo car wash020K
gas station car wash1220K
car wash self service2629K
kaady car wash119K
drive through car wash near me2728K
zip car wash817K
jacksons car wash317K
superstar car wash1218K
raceway car wash516K
costco car wash616K
touch free car wash818K
waterway car wash215K
supersonic car wash715K
manual car wash near me2519K
haunted car wash near me215K
mr clean car wash1214K
washman car wash114K
24 hour car wash519K
fast5xpress car wash014K
flagship car wash414K
surf thru express car wash313K
blue wave car wash1014K
canton car wash313K
do it yourself car wash near me2914K
coin car wash near me1728K
take 5 car wash413K
paradise car wash512K
cheap car wash near me1315K
prime car wash112K
shell car wash2828K
gas station with car wash2314K
coin car wash2332K
brushless car wash near me814K
car wash palace112K
gas station car wash near me2514K
fullers car wash512K
haunted car wash512K
hand wash car2815K
rainstorm car wash211K
jet brite car wash011K
rocket car wash1311K
carmel car wash211K
brushless car wash1312K
tommy express car wash2311K
mobile car wash near me2614K
ducky’s car wash511K
charlies car wash211K
octopus car wash1312K
richs car wash011K
gas station with car wash near me1213K
jax car wash1012K
super star car wash1110K
wow car wash110K
buddy bear car wash09.9K
blue wave express car wash49.8K
rio car wash09.2K

That’s it.

Happy SEOing!